Rough Calcite Clusters

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Grams: 20 Grams
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Red Calcite
Keywords: Vitality, sensory awareness, clarity
Element: Fire, Earth
Chakras: Root (1st), Crown (7th)

Red Calcite is a powerful magnifier and cleanser of different kinds of energies. It emanates a revitalizing, purifying, and soothing energy. Red Calcite will help open and activate your base chakra, which will bring vitality and promote increased energy. Red Calcite will cleanse and amplify the energies in your environment. It will restore your motivation and accelerate your progress and development. It will also raise your consciousness and link you to higher spiritual levels while activating your psychic abilities as well. This crystal will absorb unwanted energies and return them to their sender already transmuted and amplified!

These stones are natural and may vary in color, size, shape, and weight. This information is intended for entertainment purposes only

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