Tumbled Ruby Fuchsite

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Tumbled Ruby Fuchsite
Intention: Strong emotional body, valuing of oneself, increased life force
Elements: Water
Chakras: Root (1st), Heart (4th)

Ruby Fuchsite looks a lot like Ruby Zoisite, and the energies are somewhat similar, too.  Both stones can be used to help you work through negative emotions, especially self-destructive ones.  The Fuchsite in this stone also brings you an understanding of emotions, their causes and consequences.  This is a stone that reminds you that your negative feelings about yourself aren't always the truth, and that even your flaws don't make you worth any less as a person. Ruby Fuchsite helps you balance your sense of self-worth with how much you want to give to others.

Each order will contain one stone. Each stone is natural and may vary in size, shape, weight and color. This information is intended for entertainment purposes only

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