Tumbled African Turquoise


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Tumbled African Turquoise
Keywords: Change, transformation, positivity, good vibes
Element: Earth
Chakras: Heart (4th), Solar Plexus (3rd)

African Turquoise is a stone to help you make necessary changes in your life while keeping a positive outlook.  Sometimes, it doesn't feel like we have any good options, that change will take away the things that make us happy.  Meditate with or carry this stone to remind yourself that a postitive outlook attracts positive vibes.  If you're miserable about moving to take a better job, you might forget the good reason you had to make that choice.  Like attracts like, and keeping your eyes open for good fortune is the only way to find it!

These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight. This information is for entertainment purposes only.