Tibetan Sandalwood Incense

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Mandala Art Incense is a high-quality low-smoke all natural Tibetan incense. The formulation methods are strictly based on the ancient criterion of the Buddhist Medicinal system and the composition thereof is prescribed by the great yogi of the Tibetan Bodhi school of Buddhism. All products are completely 100% free of artificial, chemical or other possible harmful ingredients and it is non-habit forming.

Scent: Sandalwood
From the maker: "According to Ayurveda, Sandalwood has been a favourite dhoop for embalming from the ancient times. Its Calming effect was a useful aid to meditation and made it popular in religious ceremonies. It soothes nervous tension and anxiety and it helps to bring peace and acceptance. Perfectly safe for inhalation and the environment."

Quantity: 30 sticks
Length: 4.25 inches

Each stick burns approximately 60 minutes.
Handmade in Nepal

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