Rough Tektite

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Size: Small
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Dimensions: (Small) 0.5"-1" (Medium)1"-1.25" (Large) 1.5"

Keywords: fights fevers/sickness, aides in astral projection, connection to cosmic beings, heightened consciousness
Element: Fire, Earth
Chakra: Third Eye (6th), Root (1rst)

Tektites are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. Tektites resonate at a very high frequency, enabling one to elevate their consciousness to new dimensional heights. One’s internal energy will immediately begin to raise upon touch, with your mind becoming a receptor of incoming knowledge from above. This information is being siphoned through our realm by dream work, deja vu experiences, daily synchronicities, and heightened cognitive & psychic abilities.

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. Each stone is unique and can vary in size, shape, weight and color.

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