Smudge: Sage Smudge Kit


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Sage Smudge Kit
For centuries smoke cleansing by burning of aromatic herbs has been practiced among many different cultures to purify objects and locations.
This kit comes with a shell, to catch ash, and feather, to push the smoke through the room, a white sage stick, and a Palo Santo stick.

White Sage
Used for cleansing spaces and objects by moving residual energy left behind by other beings. White Sage is used for purification of spaces and invites healing.
This kit comes with a shell and feather

Palo Santo
A holy wood used for bringing in harmony and cleansing of negativity. It has the power to attract harmony and sacredness into a space, as well as bringing healing energy.

Length: approx. 4 inches.
Sourced in California

Smudge is all natural and varies in size, shape, color and weight.
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