Seven Chakras Mantra Banner

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This banner contains (7) mantras to coincide with each chakra. Crown: I am connected to the Divine Source of the Universe, I am Light, I Trust. Third Eye: My mind is open to new vision. I expand my awareness through my higher self. Throat: I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this with love and honor. My words echo softly within the Universe. Heart: My heart is open to receive the energy of Love. I radiate this essence and I walk my path with ease and grace. Solar Plexus: My will and Divine will are one. I am connected to the abundant flow of the Universe and easily manifest my dreams. Sacral: I love all dimensions of myself. I delight in weaving the creative tapestry that is my life. Root: I am connected with the energy of Mother Earth. My body, mind, and spirit are grounded, centered and purified. 

Dimensions: 50" Long

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Perfect to hang on door or wall of any space!