Secrets of Meditation

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Secrets of Meditation is the ultimate beginner's guide to meditation, explaining the history and ancient traditions of the practice, accompanied by over 40 step-by-step routines for everyone and every situation

Part of the updated and reformatted Secrets of series, this book explores all types of meditation, including:

  • Counting the breath
  • Body sweeping
  • Chanting and mantras
  • Loving kindness
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Washing the dishes meditation
  • Sky-gazing meditation
  • One-minute mindfulness
  • . . . and many more

The power of meditation has been harnessed for thousands of years to help train the mind for greater concentration and handling stress. This book draws on a variety of traditions, both secular and religious, and includes a mix of ancient and modern-day techniques, which will enable you to learn, understand and apply these techniques to your everyday life. 

Create a suitable setting and develop an understanding of the physical and emotional benefits, which include: increased empathy; sense of gratitude; emotional stability; improved focus; strengthened immune system; lower blood pressure; and many more.

From commuter meditation and conscious listening to micro-meditations for children and parents, you will also have the tools to improve your relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues, strangers, yourself and the wider world. This will have a profound positive effect on your life and your general well being.

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