Cylindrical Himalayan Salt Aromatherapy Diffuser


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Negative Ions = Positive Vibes


How Does it Work?

The lamp heats up which causes the moisture in the air around the lamp to evaporate. When the water carrying the positive ions evaporates the positive ions are charged and become negative ions


What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are molecules that go unnoticed as they are odorless, tasteless, and invisible. When we are in an open natural environment like hiking on a mountain, walking under a waterfall, in a forest, or on a beach, these negative ions are bountiful in the atmosphere. When we breathe them in our body processes the energy to produce chemical reactions that have been known to increase positive energy, relieve depression, alleviate stress, and improve our over mood


How to Use:

Pour your favorite essential oil or essential oil blends into the glass along with some water. Insert a tea light into the bottom and let the candle heat up the aromas of the essential oil(s) for a cleansing, calming, healing, and purifying experience