Astrology: A Guided Workbook

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The keys to unlocking your personal universe are written in the stars. In Astrology: A Guided Workbook, you can map out your own cosmic story with more than 200 guided writing prompts.

Astrology is a stellar language that allows us to understand the nuances of who we are and how to live our lives with more insight and awareness. We look to our zodiac signs to help us navigate our relationships, career, finances, and family matters—it’s really all about getting more acquainted with ourselves.

From passionate Aries to sensitive Pisces, and all the signs in between, each astrological profile is associated with a unique temperament and different needs when it comes to nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Knowing these can help you personalize your writing and hone your intuition.

Divided into twelve sections, Astrology: A Guided Workbook includes an array of thoughtful writing prompts that will help you record new insights from an astrological perspective. There’s no predicting what treasures you might uncover about yourself and others in your life.

First plot your birth chart, then connect to the celestial cycles, as you work your way through chapters such as:

The Rising Signs: The zodiac sign that was rising up when you were born indicates how other people see you or the image you present to the world. Along with the moon sign, this is the next most important part of your birth chart.

  • Sample prompt: Now that you know your rising sign, how can you use this knowledge to put your best self forward?

The 12 Houses: The first house on your birth chart is where your rising sign is located, and each house is associated with a different aspect of your personality and life. From there, move counterclockwise to discover which signs fall into the other 11 houses.

  • Sample prompt: What kind of first impression do you give people? Do you find that this is usually accurate or inaccurate to how you view yourself?

The Moon Signs: The position of the moon and the zodiac sign it was passing through when you were born defines your emotional self and inner world.

  • Sample prompt: Write down three mantras to repeat to yourself whenever you become emotionally overwhelmed.

The Sun Signs: The position of the sun and the zodiac sign it was passing through when you were born reveals who you are, your sense of self, and what drives you.

  • Sample prompt: What are the big motivating factors that drive your life?

Planetary Rulers and Retrogrades: Each planet was in a sign when you were born and they will impact your personality, deepest desires, and opportunities for growth.

  • Sample prompts: How do you advocate for yourself?
  • How do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?
  • What’s holding you back from living as your truest self?
And so many more!

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