Ask the Wise Fool Card Deck

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The Wise Fool is the brave soul and the adventuresome spirit who dares to think differently. He is an irreverent visionary who experiences life on his own terms. Historically, it was the job of the Wise Fool to question convention and authority, and break with traditional thinking. The Wise Fool approach to modern life means letting go of assumptions about how things should be done, and finding innovative and alternative approaches to doing things better

Ask the Wise Fool card deck offers 66 practical strategies for stimulating creativity and gaining new perspectives on solving challenges. Each card in the deck presents: a nugget of advice, an illustration, a story that highlights the principle, and a question to help you apply the idea to your situation. The three ‘suits’ relate to the qualities of the Fool: the Contrary, the Creative, and the Cautionary. The 96-page illustrated guidebook offers additional ways to incorporate Wise Fool thinking into your life. 

Ask the Wise Fool presents fresh, new ideas and inspiration along with some tried and true wisdom from previous Creative Whack decks. Roger von Oech’s products have enriched millions of minds around the world. He is the author of the classic A Whack on the Side of the Head and the popular Creative Whack Pack. He is also the creator of the award-winning Ball of Whacks.

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     Roger von Oech