90"x60" Mirchi Kali Mandala Tapestry

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Mirchi Kali Mandala Tapestry

The Mandala symbol, loosely translated from Sanskrit language to “circle”, is a symbolic representation of the universe. Mandalas generally exhibit a radial pattern inspiring a sense of wholeness and continuity. The details differ depending on the practitioner's purpose and beliefs, but they are often a focus in a meditative practice and can be used to mark off a sacred space. In one sect of Tibetan Buddhism, as seen in the film Seven Years in Tibet, mandalas are used in sand paintings, hinting at the theme of impermanence.

100% Cotton Tapestry woven with rich and varied colored designs and scenes. Hang this tapestry on your wall or furniture for decoration. Use it as a bedsheet or take it with you to a picnic.

Dimensions: approx 90"x60"

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