6" Uruguayan Cut-Base Amethyst Cave with Inclusion



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Uruguayan Cut-Base Amethyst Cave with Inclusion

Keywords: Protection, Purification, Divine connection, release of addictions
Element: Wind
Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th and beyond, above the head)

This beautiful Amethyst cave is cut flat across the base, exposing the inner Amethyst crystals and allowing the cave to stand upright for better viewing. Mined in Uruguay, home to some of the highest quality Amethyst in the world, this Amethyst cave features characteristic deep dark hues of purple owing to trace amounts of iron and aluminum as well as a Quartz inclusion.

For tens of thousands of years, Amethyst has been considered a prized possession. Used by the Neolithic, the ancient Egyptians, the early Greek and Romans as well as the tribes of Israel, Amethyst has served as a symbol of royalty and has been believed to provide Protection, enhance Divine connection, and release addiction.

A Greek story goes thus: The god Bacchus, angry because of an insult, decreed that the first person he met would be eaten by his tigers. The unfortunate person happened to be Amethyst, on her way to worship tat the shrine Diana. When the tigers sprang, Diana transformed the girl into a clear, transparent crystal. In remorse, Bacchus poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, thus giving the gem its beautiful purple color. The Greeks believed that Amethyst would prevent intoxication, Calm anger and relieve frustrated passion.

Stone pictured above is the exact stone purchased.

Height: 6 inches
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Origin: Uruguay