6" Optical Calcite Sphere

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Optical Calcite

Keywords: Cleansing, reconciliation
Element: Fire, Wind
Chakras: All

Optical calcite joins your emotions with your intellect, which results in emotional intelligence. It supports a positive outlook even after you have lost your motivation or are edging close to despair. Because it boosts your energy levels, it helps you overcome laziness. The crystal also calms your mind, enhances your discernment and teaches you how to analyze situations. It helps you to realize which type of information is important to know and which is not then helps you remember the important information. Because of this, it is an excellent crystal for students and other people whose work involves study. Optical calcite gives you the power to convert ideas into action.The crystal is also helpful when it comes to alleviating your emotional stress. It takes away that stress and replaces it with a much longed-for tranquility. It stabilizes your emotions and lets you trust yourself and trust in your ability to overcome setbacks.

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. Stones will vary in shape, weight, color and size.

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