5.5" Honey Calcite Sphere

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Honey Calcite
Keywords: Clarity of insight and action, confidence, persistence, intellect
Element: Fire, Wind
Chakras: Root (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd)

It encourages responsibility in leadership and can help with recovering from abusive situations. Honey Caramel Calcite increases feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and assists to overcome obstacles. It is helpful for learning of all types and developing skills. Caramel Calcite assists with mental clarity, focused energy and grounding which is necessary to complete complex tasks or long term projects successfully. It is the best stone for work challenges requiring your full attention. It can help overcome drowsiness, allowing you to stay alert during jobs that require long hours. At the same time it facilitates a state of relaxation, so that your work does not result in stress.

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. Each stone may vary in color, size, shape and weight


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