4MM Ruby Zoisite Bracelet

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Size: 4MM beads on stretchy cord, which fits most wrists

Ruby Zoisite 
Intention: Increase in Inner and Outer Development, Awakening of the True Self, Joyful Engagement with Life, Healing, Increase in Life Force
Chakra: 1st Chakra: Root, 4th Chakra: Heart, 6th Chakra: Third Eye
Element(s): Storm

Helpful to people stuck in any sort of negative rut, especially that of pessimism, Zoisite with Ruby makes one want to be more, to be the best one possible iterations of oneself. It's a stone of joy, of joie de verve. With Ruby Zoisite, one is encouraged to join in the dance of life. These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight. Sold individually. This information is for entertainment purposes only.