4" Soapstone Om Incense Burner Plate


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Soapstone Om Incense Burner

Om, Aum-A tool in the meditative purpose of knowing oneself, the Om has a long and intricate history._ For the modern spiritualist, the complicated symbol can be summed up thusly: _Om is the resonance of the universe, that which takes the self or soul out of time and place and links it with the eternal existance._ It is used when beginning prayers or mantras, e.g., om mani padme om,_and meditation.

This Om-featuring incense burner is hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in India. Made from natural soapstone, it has a heavy feel, keeping your incense in-place and secure.

Measures 4 inches on each side with a height of 2.5 inches
Handcrafted in India