4" Soapstone Mother Goddess Jewelry Box


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Soapstone Mother Goddess Jewelry Box

Mother Goddess-She from whom life comes, a symbol of creation and Fertility and a mother who takes care of all of us. Many belief systems have a maternal figure, May, Brigid, the Mother of the Goddess Trinity, Spider Grandmother, Gayatri, the Paleolithic statue Venus vol Willendorf. Oftentimes, she is interchangeable with various Fertility goddesses as well as the Earth Mother or Mother Nature.

This Mother Goddess-featuring jewelry box is hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in India. Made from natural soapstone, it has a heavy feel, keeping your precious items safe and secure. This box features two metal hinges allowing it to open and close, a felt-lined interior, and padded feet to preven the box from slipping or scratching.

Measures 4 inches on each side with a height of 2.5 inches
Handcrafted in India