4" Sage, Cedar and Lavender Smudge (3-pack)


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For centuries, smudging, the burning of aromatic herbs, has been practiced among Native Americans to purify objects and locations.

Sage and Cedar grow at high altitudes and carry the energy of clarity and strength, which is released when burning. They dispel negative vibrations and recharge spaces with new energy. Lavender grows in warm, dry climates. It is balancing, refreshing, soothing and grounding.

Triloka Global Shaman smudges are sustainably wildcrafted by a Native American reservation cooperative. It is their only means of income and provides hope for a community in poverty. The different herbs are harvested with the utmost care and respect for the environment.

Length: approx. 4 inches.
Quantity: 3
Smudge is all natural and varies in size, shape, color and weight.