Healing Metal Chakra Wand

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Metal: Copper
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Dimensions: 4"

Crystal Wand Uses

1. Chakra healing - For this purpose, the wand is used for healing and unblocking negative energies across the body’s 7 energy centers known as the chakras.

2. Meditation - You can also use a wand as a tool for stepping up your meditation session. It can boost your concentration and help you understand your actions from a spiritual perspective. Wands also unite your mind and body.

3. Amplifying a crystal grid - After arranging your crystal grid, activate it using a crystal wand to amplify your intentions. From your center crystal, trace the grid with your wand to guide the energy flow within the grid. Focus your mind on your intention and repeat your mantra to reinforce your intention.

4. Massage - Cylindrical wands with one round end are a great tool for massage. They are said to draw out negative energy and ease tensed muscles.

Keywords: Channeling/grounding higher vibrations, conducting/enhancing energies
Element: Earth
Chakras: All

Keywords: emotional healing, spiritual connection, patience, strength
Chakras: All

These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight. This information is for entertainment purposes only

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