Top Polished Brown Agate Point

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442 GRAMS is 3" Height x 4" Base
347 GRAMS is 3.5" Height x 3" Base
116 GRAMS is 2" Height x 1.25" Base

Brown Agate
Keywords: Grounding, friendship, good vibes
Element: Earth
Chakras: Root (1st)

Brown Agate is comforting and protection stone, its soothing energy helps people that are lonely, grieving because of a loss, go through difficult times or when they are hurt. The gentle energy of this stone is great for meditation. This stone vibrates on a slower frequency than most of the gemstones but its energy has to strengthen and stabilizing properties. It is one of the greatest stones for balancing emotions, harmonization, boosting intellectual and physical energy

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight

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