4.25" Soapstone Om Oil Burner



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Om, Aum-A tool in the meditative purpose of knowing oneself, the Om has a long and intricate history. For the modern spiritualist, the complicated symbol can be summed up thusly: Om is the resonance of the universe, that which takes the self or soul out of time and place and links it with the eternal existance. It is used when beginning prayers or mantras, e.g., om mani padme om, and meditation.

This Om-Oil Burner is hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in India. Made from natural soapstone, it has a heavy, sturdy feel. It features a soft pad on the underside in order to prevent the oil burner from scratching or slipping.

Instructions: Pour your favorite oil burner fragrance oil (scented oil, potpourri oil) or aromatherapy grade essential oil (See Echo Essential Oils) into the bowl. Place a lit tea-light candle in the base, sit back, relax, and wait for the wonderful aroma. Feel free to dilute the fragrance oil or essential oil with water to your liking.

Height: 4.25"
Handcrafted in India