10" Soapstone Tree of Life Incense burner


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Soapstone Tree of Life Incense burner

Tree of Life, World Tree, Tree of Immortality, Tree of Wisdon, Yggdrasil-If there is one symbol that permeates the human psyche it is the tree._ Though the type of tree differs from place to place, the idea of a tree as a metaphor for life, vitality, nourishment, and how all life comes from one seed is one that many belief systems generated._ Often, the tree may be depicted as having a fruit that is in some way helpful to people, the peaches which grant immortality, the fruits of wisdom. _

This Tree of Life-featuring incense burner is hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in India. Made from natural soapstone, it has a heavy feel, keeping your incense in-place and secure.

Length: 10 inches
Handcrafted in India