Shungite Pyramid

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Dimensions: 1.5” Height
Weight: apprx. 80 Grams

Intentions: Cleansing, purification, Light energy, truth, healing, balance
Elements: Water, Earth
Chakras: All, Root (1st)

Nowadays, Shungite is well-known for its ability to offer protection from EMF fields, but is has been a popular purifier since it was discovered.  It not only cleanses water but also can help when you need to 'detox' from an emotionally difficult day.  This is a great stone to keep around when you are working on de-stressing, whether you carry it to worry, or keep it by your electronics at home to take advantage of its EMF protection at the same time.

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. These stones are completely natural and vary in shape, weight, color, and size

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