How do you choose incense? Do you just choose the type that fits your burner? Or by whichever scent sounds enticing? Well, along with form (i.e. cones and sticks) and scent, you may also want to consider traditional style. Whether you use incense for meditation, cleansing, or simply to create an enjoyable smell, this guide will help you bring your incense-choosing game to the next level.

Tibetan Incense

The scent of traditional Tibetan incense has been described as intense and powerful. When burned, woody and herbal scents overwhelm the senses, helping to bring one into a meditative state.

Staff Picks: White Lotus, Frankincense


Indian Incense

Although just as powerful, traditional Indian incense is described as having a sweeter scent than Tibetan incense. It has been mentioned in Vedic texts as a means to mask odors and create pleasurable smells and in Ayurvedic texts as a means to pave the way towards healing.

Staff Picks: Nag Champa



Japanese Incense

Unlike traditional Tibetan incense, which is designed to stir intense sensation, traditional Japanese incense is much more gentle, often consisting of floral and woody scents. Japanese incense will create a purifying and clear atmosphere, which can be used to create a relaxed space for meditation, reading and enjoyment.

Staff Picks: Gardenia, Mimosa



American Incense

One take on American incense is by the company Wild Berry. With a wide diversity of scents, Wild Berry’s incense can be used whether you are looking for a gentle scent, an intense and powerful scent or something slightly strange and inspiring. Wild Berry’s diversity ensures that there will be a scent to suit whatever your needs.

Staff Picks: Sandalwood (Traditional), Egyptian Cotton (Fresh), Fizzy Pop (Inspiring)

So there you have it. Whether you are looking to use gentle, easy scents to create a relaxing environment or powerful and intense scents to create a stimulating one, there are incense that are right for you. The next time you plan to burn incense, we hope that the traditional style is something that you will consider!