Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck


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Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck invites you to join the mystic sisterhood of goddesses and mythological archetypes. Call on them to reveal their powerful feminine wisdom through Emily BalivetÕs resplendent artwork. Created out of her inner spiritual journey, Balivet encourages oracle readers to develop their own personal relationships with the deck by responding to the vibrations of the individual card images. Your emotional impressions of the cardsÕ energy are at the heart of the oracle reading experience. Walk with the Mystic Sisters. Meditate with them. Sing with them. Accept their gifts. Set includes 51 cards and 40-page booklet. Specs SKU MYS51 Weight 0.65 lb(s) ISBN 978-1-57281-788-3 Size 51 cards measure: 3.5Ó x 5.25Ó; Box measures: 4Ó x 5.75Ó Language EN Author Emily Balivet