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What is the "Evil Eye"?

The "Evil Eye" has been a very prevalent symbol throughout history and is seen in many cultures. This symbol originated in Greece and Rome but is common in Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and Indigenous traditions as well.The evil eye is a glare usually given to a person when they are unaware and often has very bad intentions behind it. This “glare” is often associated with feelings of jealousy, judgement, hate, and any other negative energy intended to bring the receiver misfortune and bad luck. The "Evil Eye" is a talisman, or an object that is intended to bring good luck. The "Evil Eye" talisman is most commonly depicted as being a dark blue eye to provide spiritual protection. However, there are other colors associated with the "Evil Eye" such as...

Purple: imagination
Red: courage
Light blue: health
Green: success
Pink: love
Black: Power

The "Evil Eye" is often used as a talisman and is normally attached to a string to be hung up. People hang evil eyes up in their homes, cars, and workplaces in order to rid their space from negative energies. Recently, people have been wearing evil eye necklaces, bracelets, and rings for added protection. Some people even wear the "Evil Eye" on a key chain so the talisman is continuously protecting them.

Some myths about the "Evil Eye"

Does the "Evil Eye" have to be gifted to me?

No, it does not have to be a gift and you can purchase one for yourself. In some cultures, the "Evil Eye" is often gifted to newborns, pregnant women or anyone who you want to protect from malevolent glares. The "Evil Eye" can also be gifted to anyone that you feel needs some added protection in their lives.

Is the "Evil Eye" a closed practice?

The short answer is no, the "Evil Eye" is not associated with a closed practice. A closed practice is a practice that originates in a culture or tradition. The "Evil Eye" and their practices have been in different ethnic cultures for generations and are highly respected. The "Evil Eye" is not a closed practice and anyone can own an "Evil Eye" as long as they respect the symbol.



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Interesting! Who knew!

Daisy Yi Fernandez

Daisy Yi Fernandez

I’m very aware of the evil eye, there are people who you give you that glare, it could be friends and family members that are envious of us. But, sometimes some people do it without even knowing they’re giving the evil eye, it’s a natural look, some people are just spirituality Sensitive to it. It’s part of my culture, I’m a very Spiritual person and sensitive to the evil eye, so I constantly have to ward against evil eyes, including my home.
Blessings to you all!! May my Mother Oshun keep you safe from all evil 👿

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