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If you are wanting to cleanse the energy of your home, you don’t have to go the traditional herbal wand route. In fact, there are so many alternative ways to cleanse the energy of your home and yourself. For example, if you like the smells of herbal wands, but want something that you can keep burning, then incenses are a good option for you.

Incenses have been used to cleanse energies for thousands of years and throughout all cultures of the world. Another fun fact about incense is that there are so many different kinds that you can use to cleanse energy. We’ve put together a list of our top alternative incenses that you can use to cleanse the energy of your space and make it smell great!


This aromatic herb isn’t just used to relax and soothe one’s mind and soul, but it also has a history of being a plant used for purification. Lavender comes from the Latin root word, lavare, meaning to wash. Roman soldiers would actually bathe after a battle in pools of lavender water and rub the oil on their skin. Lavender was also used as incenses in Spanish and Portuguese churches to cleanse the space of negative energies. It can be a wonderful alternative herb and incense to cleanse the energy of your space.

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A classic herb, Patchouli has been used in spiritual ceremonies all over the world for centuries. From China to India, people have been prized for its practical and energetic uses. From love spells to creative magic, Patchouli has many energetic connections. One of these is purification. It can be used in spells to offer protection and ward off negative energy.

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This sweet wood has been sacred for thousands of years and has many uses, one being as incense. Sandalwood comes from Southeast Asia and can be found in countries such as India and Australia. In India, it is used as a holy incense and holds protective and cleansing properties. Prayer beads, wood idols, and incense powder are left in nearly every Hindu home and temple. With this strong association to divinity, it is a high vibrational wood and can be used for mediation, prayer, and ritual practices as well.

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An incence that has a strong and popular association to Christianity, Frankincense has been used not only in Christian cleansing rituals, but Jewish, and ancient Pagan cultures such as Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, and Rome. Native to North Africa, this resin is from the Boswellia tree. It has been traditionally used to cleanse and clear spaces in ritual settings and can be used for stronger cleansing spells, such as exorcisms. Frankincense connects to the planet of the sun and the element of fire.

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Copal is a resin that comes from native trees of Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries in South and Central America. It has been used by ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican tribes in spiritual and religious ceremonies. Copal is an excellent aroma and incense to enhance concentration, increase magick and intention, and exorcise and banish negative energies. It is a holy incense and can also help to cleanse spaces, magick tools, and your own energy.

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An intoxicating and floral scent, Jasmine has been cultivated for centuries. Coming from the Middle East, it was once a prized plant for palaces and romantics. It still connects to the energy of love and romance but has other energetic and spiritual uses as well. It can be a good scent to help in removing negative thoughts of the mind and calming the heart to more loving and open frequencies. Its soft and sweet smell is gentle and relaxing also, making it great to de-stress.

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Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood is the resin of the Dracaena Palm or Dragon Tree. Its red powder has been used for centuries as an incense for rituals of cleansing and exorcising a space of negative and unwanted energies. Dragon’s Blood connects to the element of fire and the planet Mars, being strong in masculine energy.

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Desert Sage

Sage is a well-known, if not one of the most common, herbs for cleansing and removing negative energy. While many are familiar with White Sage and that strand’s healing effects, did you know that all sages have cleansing properties? Desert Sage is a good alternative to White Sage, as White Sage is becoming more and more endangered. Desert Sage still has those traditional associations with cleansing and removing the negative energies and can be used in your spiritual and ceremonial ritual work.

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Aside from an aromatic spice used for your baking, cinnamon boasts spiritual and energetic properties too! Cinnamon connects to Mars and the element of Fire. Both are known for passion, energy, and movement. As such, cinnamon is a wonderful spice and incense to use to increase spell work, strengthen energy, and add to any ritual practice. Connected to the element of fire, it has cleansing and purifying energies as well, and can help to remove negative energy. Plus it makes your space smell great!

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Try a variety of these different incense depending on your mood (or smell preference). There are so many to choose from, so let your sense of smell guide you toward these great cleansing herbs and incense.


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