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What are healing crystals?

There are many types of healing crystals, all with different meanings and properties. Many use healing crystals to manifest specific wants or needs. Some use healing crystals to protect themselves from negative energies or to bring positivity into their life. Below you will find a selection of 7 healing crystals for beginners. 

How do you pick a healing crystal?

It is all about personal intention and calling. Many people have an intended purpose in mind and pick a healing crystal from there. Some people go even further and use specific healing crystals for meditation practices or for chakra healing. Others walk into a crystal/metaphysical shop and simply just bring home what calls to them.

Raw vs. Tumbled?

Tumbled healing crystals have been processed by hand or by machine to give them a smooth surface. Raw healing crystals have not and have rough edges and imperfections as they appear to have come out of the ground. Both tumbled and raw healing crystals have powerful properties. Tumbling a healing crystal does not take away from its energetic and vibrational purposes.

7 Healing Crystals for Beginners

Rose Quartz opens the heart! This stone promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Carrying this crystal with you can be calming and reassuring. Likewise, this stone can be used to provide comfort while grieving or coping with a loss. Carrying this crystal with you can be calming and reassuring.

Clear Quartz crystal gives you energy and allows you to have alignment and creativity within your life. Likewise, this stone aids in the relief of worries and is also great for manifestation purposes.

Amethyst is great for emotional healing. Specifically, this stone alleviates sadness, relieves anxiety, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst also activates a sense of spiritual awareness, allowing one to dive into their intuition and enhance their psychic abilities. 

Pyrite penis crystal  enhances memory, helping to recall relevant information when needed, making this stone great for students! Likewise, this stone is great for manifestation of wealth and for protection from negative vibrations.

Chrysocolla is known to bring a sense of peace, intuition, patience and unconditional love. The stone is also known to be the “teaching stone” allowing whoever withholds it to learn more about themselves and to grow as a spiritual individual.

Fluorite increases our powers of concentration and self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. Therefore, this stone can also be great for students (along with pyrite). It encourages general positivity and balances your energy.

Selenite is a calming stone that enhances a sense of deep peace and is perfect for meditation or spiritual work. Selenite is naturally charged therefore; can be used to charge other stones. 


What to do after you get the crystals? 

After you get your healing crystals, you should make sure you cleanse them with sage, running water, incense, sea salt or sound bath. Every crystal is composed differently so make sure you know which ones can and cannot be cleansed in water (ex: selenite should not be cleansed in water). You can either place these crystals around your home with purpose or carry them on you in a pouch. Some people prefer to put them in their pocket or in their bags. Likewise, you can wear your crystals around your neck, some people prefer the crystals to be close to their heart. It is truly up to preference. 

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